Al Quran with Hindi (हिंदी) Translation (Audio / MP3)

Al Quran with Hindi (हिंदी) Translation (Audio - MP3 - CD) - The Chosen One
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The Quran, a book which brings glad tidings to mankind along with divine admonition, stresses the importance of man’s discovery of truth on both spiritual and intellectual planes.

Every book has its objective and the objective of the Quran is to make man aware of the Creation plan of God. That is, to tell man why God created this world; what the purpose is of settling man on earth; what is required from man in his pre-death life span, and what he is going to confront after death. The purpose of the Quran is to make man aware of this reality, thus serving to guide man on his entire journey through life into the after-life.

The main themes of the Quran are enlightenment, closeness to God, peace and spirituality. The Quran uses several terms, tawassum, tadabbur, and tafakkur, which indicate the learning of lessons through reflection, thinking and contemplation on the signs of God scattered across the world. The present translation of the Quran and its explanatory notes are written keeping in mind these very themes.

The Noble Quran (कुरान) with Hindi (हिंदी) Translation
Recitation by Sheikh Abdur Rehman Al Sudes – Voice By Younus Khan

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The Choice Read Icon  Translation of the Meanings of the Noble Qur’an in the Hindi (हिंदी)  Language (PDF)
Al Quran with Hindi (हिंदी) Translation (Audio / MP3)
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