Sowing the Seeds, Action In The Last Hour

Sowing the Seeds, Action In The Last Hour
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A profound and mind changing lecture from Hamza Yusuf.  Listen and reconnect with what really matters and the Deen that we take for granted. While running after this unforgiving world, we become blind to the Most Forgiving and His Perfection of an Apostle, our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The Faith that so many conformed to and sacrificed for is left as a shell in the heart of the Muslim and this world has become the nucleus of that shell. While the signs presented to us so clearly by our Beloved come to fruition right in front of our eyes, we stand in deliberate ignorance and become overcome by the wave of an order so far removed from Allah’s that it is heartbreaking.

Please listen and give careful attention to the proofs and advices. With the end of times upon us, we must understand that we were created for a higher purpose and made Muslim for the Highest Purpose. Trust in that and Trust in Him.

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