The Truth About Holidays

The Truth About Holidays - Abdullah Hakim Quick
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With many non-Muslims present at this “Islam Awareness Week” lecture in Miami, Abdullah Hakim Quick delivers an enlightening talk about the origins of the major holidays celebrated today. He explains that throughout time there has been a constant struggle between those who believe in one God and those who believe in many gods. And with these struggles, many compromises were made by those who would ultimately influence and shape the major modern day holidays celebrated throughout the world. The result today are rituals not sanctioned by the prophets or scriptures of God, but rather mixed-up beliefs and practices that, essentially, can be attributed to ancient pagan culture. An intellectual analysis of this controversial subject by a well-known Muslim-American historian. The major celebrations analyzed are Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween. Other topics discussed: Muslim holidays, the Sabbath, and celebrating birthdays.

The Truth About Holidays
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    great speech

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    Great speech God bless him

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