Views on Technology by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

CAUTION: This lecture may cause you to think.
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CAUTION: This lecture may cause you to think.

This is an amazing lecture that needs to be heard! There are two sides to every story. Sometimes we become so used to living a certain way that we assume that it is the only way, so it must be the right way. Islam teaches us to look at the benefits of our acts and what we will gain by committing them. In the name of making life easier and more entertaining, we have become so dependent on modern day technology that the line between benefit and harm has blurred. We completely ignore its blatant malice and only accept the “progressive” argument we are spoon-fed. We have come to depend on technology in such a way that if we were robbed of it, we would suffer in a state of utter devastation and collapse. We should never let our desires blind us to the point of becoming the reasons for our fall. What good is progression, when we constantly progress towards a life of heedlessness, laziness, sin and oppression working towards the rapid regression of mankind?


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